Cape Verde ethical destination

2020 was a terrible year for many people and it will take a long time to heal some of the wounds caused by world events. The Covid-19 pandemic is ongoing and still uppermost in people’s minds, but it wasn’t the only catastrophe last year. Australia suffered with terrible wildfires; there was hurricane Eta in America; flash floods in Afghanistan; and in the USA there were also devastating wildfires in California. So all in all 2020 is a year that seems to many to have lasted for longer than 12 months. Covid-19 has seen the world work together to fight a universal problem. Maybe borders are softer than we thought.

The rollout of Covid-19 vaccines at the start of 2021 has brought about a measure of hope for the future. Maybe we will travel again and maybe we will hug again. Things will take time to recover and get back to something like normal, but 2021 has to be a year to look forward. Maybe as we look forward, those of us who like to travel, break down barriers and meet people from other cultures, will do it in a different way. Maybe we can do it with a sense of care for each other and for our planet. The Ethical Traveler is a non-profit organisation that looks to have tourism as a means of protecting the environment and also human rights. It is one of the projects organised by the Earth Island Institute.

For some time, Cape Verde has been listed in the Ethical Traveler’s list of best destinations. We have referred to this before – Ethical Destination – Cape Verde. For 2021 they have produced a slightly different list entitled ‘The Ten Best Post-Pandemic Ethical Destinations’. Cape Verde is in that list. To compile such a list they look at the developing countries and concentrate on four specific categories – environmental protection, social welfare, human rights, and animal welfare. The winners are those countries that have improved in these areas over the previous year.

At the conclusion of its description of Cape Verde the Ethical Traveler says the following:

What can we do?

Visitors can help Cabo Verde to reach its much-needed goals and support the nation’s ongoing efforts to create an efficient, safe, and sustainable sector as well as to reduce reliance on fossil fuels. When you visit, make sure you support local businesses—not just the international resorts—and explore the natural wonders beyond the island’s beaches.