Covid vaccine distribution

With the recent receipt of 31,200 doses of Covid-19 vaccine from France and the expected receipt of at least 181,200 more doses in June, the President believes that the vaccination programme must be accelerated. The doses expected in June include 100,000 from Hungary and 50,000 from China. The hope is that 70% of the population will have been vaccinated by the end of 2021. The vaccine is distributed to Cape Verde through Covax.

The aim of the government is to prioritise health care workers, the police, the military, the fire brigade, the chronically ill and the elderly. In addition teachers and those working in tourism and at the country’s borders are included. There is also a suggestion that the islands of Sal and Boa Vista should also be prioritised in order to allow tourism to flourish. It is not entirely clear whether this idea has been adopted. However, the increased rate administering Covid-19 vaccine will hopefully make it easier for European countries to move Cape Verde off their red lists.