Desalination plant on Maio

The Câmara Municipal do Maio is investing in new water desalination plant in Ponta Preta, on the east side of Porto Inglês on the island of Maio. This will include the replacement of two sets of plant. The work will increase the daily water output from 600m3 to approximately 720m3.

In addition, by the end of July 2021, this desalination plant will be operated using photovoltaic cells. This will reduce the running costs by using solar power. It is anticipated that the operating costs will be reduced by about 65%. In a country where the sun is a reliable source of energy, this seems an extremely sensible route to take. There will be many other uses for solar energy yet to be exploited in Cape Verde. Good for the planet and good for people when costs reduce.

There may be some temporary interruption to the water supply while the work is undertaken. It is, however, anticipated that from August the plant will only be using solar energy. This is expected to reduce customer’s bills from September onwards.

[25 June 2021]