Edy Tavares, Maio

On the evening of Saturday 6 July 2019, the Cape Verdean basketball star, Edy Tavares was honoured in the City Hall in Porto Inglês on the island of Maio. Edy has played for basketball teams in Spain, Canada and also in the USA. In the USA those teams include the Atlanta Hawks, Cleveland Cavaliers; and in Canada, The Toronto Raptors.

Tavares was born on the island of Maio in March 1992. He is 7’3” (221cm) tall and has an arm span of some 7’9” (236cm). Edy Tavares is a great ambassador for the small country of Cabo Verde, and for the quiet island of Maio in particular. His achievement from humble beginnings is celebrated by Cape Verde and, of course, Maio is rightly proud of him.