Storm over Cape Verde

Rain in Maio Cape Verde

There was rain in the eastern and southern part of Cape Verde yesterday (Friday), with rain in Maio and Santiago. Overnight it has been raining in other islands too. This is the first in this year’s rainy season and is much needed by the farmers and gardeners. The rainy season is normally August and September, but until now it has been dry. The eastern islands are the driest and some years there is as little as one day of rain, which causes real problems for agriculture. In August the temperature rises with a daytime high of around 29ºC and a low of around 23ºC. Generally this is however, one of the wettest months when there can sometimes be heavy showers, but the sea is still an attraction and beautifully warm, with a temperature of around 27ºC. More information is available about the current weather in Cape Verde click here.