Erja and Jukka

Incredibly blue sea and the kilometres of empty sandy beaches

This year the 4 weeks’ vacation in Maio was even better than last year! There were no sandstorms. Sometimes these can delay your flights (the flights are only twice a week from Praia). The village Stella Maris was quiet and comfortable. All the beaches, especially the small beach (50m) are quite near for swimming. The house managers were helpful and took care of all we needed including checking our return flights.

Maio was greener than last year and you could pick wonderful ripe passion fruits when they dropped from the roof! The house itself is suitable for many persons; two different bedrooms and the loft give peaceful sleeping for everyone. The house is smart and cosy and on the walls there are wonderful paintings of Nanette Scriba (famous German singer and painter). Unfortunately there are no African or European TV channels, at least to watch news of Cape Verde. These are being installed in June 2014.

Weather in winter is always good: sun is practically shining every day, temperature is warm enough, winds are blowing moderately (only sometimes too much from Sahara desert!), sea is incredibly blue and the kilometres of sand beaches are almost empty… The people are friendly and if you speak a little bit Portuguese it helps a lot. The island is not full of tourists; it means also that there is not too much entertainment but if you like to relax it’s a paradise!

Thanks to Philip it was so easy (again!) to rent this house and get information about Stella Maris and Vila do Maio!


Review Submitted: 26 February 2014 by Erja and Jukka


Thanks for taking the time to send the review. We look forward to seeing you next year!


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