Vaccine roll-out accelerated

In the interests of giving support to the tourist industry, the vaccination programme on both Sal and Boa Vista has been accelerated. On Sal it has been especially impressive, with over 5000 people vaccinated in just four days. The aim is that all the adult population on both Sal and Boa Vista will have received vaccine by August. The designation of the country as having a high incidence of Covid-19 was then withdrawn on Monday 21 June.

This is good news for those working in tourism on those two islands, but also for people longing to get a holiday in the sun. It is hoped that flights will increase and that tourists can return soon. For this to happen, countries in Europe will need to put Cape Verde on their green lists. Hopefully with the vaccine roll out being accelerated, this will be possible.

Vaccine has also now been offered to Cape Verde by the USA. The Prime Minister has stated that this offer will help the country achieve its target of getting 70% of the population vaccinated by the end of this year. The Prime Minister expressed his thanks to President Joe Biden, and everyone involved.

[23 June 2021]