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Maio island in Cape Verde (Ilha do Maio, Cabo Verde) is the perfect ‘away from it all’ destination. It is one of the most easterly of the Cape Verde islands and the closest to the capital city, Praia (on the island of Santiago). You can expect to find sleepy towns with colourful little houses. The south of the island is largely desert, but in the north of Maio island you will find acacia forests and a slightly more mountainous terrain.  Hilly landscapes, limestone valleys, coconut palms and tranquility in abundance. There are long stretches of perfect white sandy beaches and warm clear waters. At Morrinho there are beautiful sand dunes, which are a protected area and where vehicles are prohibited. The main town of Vila do Maio (also known as Porto Inglês) is in the south west of the island.

The small villages, which include Morro, Calheta and Morrinho are connected by cobbled roads to each other and the town of Vila do Maio. There is little traffic. A guided tour is a great way to see the island

There is very little commercialism and the locals are the friendliest anywhere in Cape Verde. Despite its isolation Maio island is a beautiful place to visit and it is a perfect destination to enjoy long uninterrupted walks along the deserted beaches. There is not an abundance of nightlife, nevertheless there are some nice bars and restaurants. Some of the bars have weekly live music and dancing is encouraged. Our villa in Stella Maris is in a beautiful location in the district of Ponta Preta, on the cliff top overlooking the sea . It is one of the best locations for a villa in Cape Verde. The quiet nature of the island is one of its key attractions. If you are wanting to know where to stay in Cape Verde, please look us up. If you want to get away from it all this is the place for you…

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Porto Inglês, Maio Island
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