Activities in Maio

You will be able to enjoy a number of activities in Maio. The island is not highly commercialised, however there are a number of things that the visitor can do. These include swimming, snorkelling, fishing, turtle watching, island tours and quad biking.

Maio is a quiet island so none of the activities we have listed are likely to be busy. It is possible, however, that some may not always be available, as during the low season some may be closed. Also some activities, such as turtle watching are seasonal.

If you would like more information on any of the activities listed below, please contact us.

Due to its geographic position Cape Verde’s waters are rich with sea life. Therefore many activities have marine connections. Maio has two marine reserves, so you will see a large range of fish in an unspoilt ecosystem. In the marine reserve at Ponta Preta there are a range of dives featuring walls and caves. You will see corals, sharks, mantas together with many more species. Maio is a year round dive destination, that also offers unspoilt diving away from the crowds.

scuba diving maio cape verde

Scuba diving