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Travel to Maio Cape Verde

International Flights

In order to travel to Maio Cape Verde you will need to fly to Praia, the capital of Cape Verde. There are international flights to Praia from Lisbon, Amsterdam, Paris, Boston and Fortaleza. However, you can fly to any of the four international airports (Sal, São Vicente, Praia – Santiago, and Boa Vista) and then use domestic flights via Praia to Maio. The flight from Praia to Maio takes just 15 minutes.

Praia is on the island of Santiago and there is plenty to do and see on that island if you wish to break your journey. Tarrafal on the north end of the island is well worth a visit. The drive from Praia to Tarrafal is through the mountains offering beautiful scenery. However, nearer to Praia there is the World Heritage Site of Cidade Velha.

Please ensure that your passport still has at least six months to run after your travel dates. Depending on your country of residence you may need a tourist visa to enter Cape Verde, see more information on the link below. All guests are also required to pay Cape Verde tourist tax. All visitors are now required to register before arriving in Cape Verde. This is done online at the EASE website. Registration costs 3,400CVE (30€) and should be completed at least 5 days before arrival.

Domestic Flights

The final leg of your travel to Maio Cape Verde is the 15 min flight from Praia (the capital) with the local airline Binter CV. Alternatively, there is a ferry service (see below). Please note the flights do not go every day. You can check the flight times and also book your flights on their website (links below) with Visa & MasterCard. If you don’t speak Portuguese, you may find it easier to use the Binter Canarias website, which has other language options. Currently the flights are as follows:

Praia to Maio

Departs 15:55, arrives 16:10
From 28 October 2019, the time will change to: Departs 16:05, arrives 16:20

Departs 14:35, arrives 14:50
There is no Wednesday flight until 30 October, when it changes to: Departs 11:50, arrives 12:05

Departs 14:00, arrives 14:15
From 12 July 2019, the Friday flight time has been changed to: Departs 08:15, arrives 08:30. From 01 November, the time changes to: Departs 17:30, arrives 17:45

Please note: All flights times between Praia and Maio change again at the end of October.

Maio to Praia

Departs 16:40, arrives 16:55
From 28 October, the time will change to Departs 16:45, arrives 17:00

Departs 15:20, arrives 15:35
There is no Wednesday flight until 30 October, when it changes to: Departs 12:30, arrives 12:45

Departs 14:45, arrives 15:00
From 12 July 2019, the Friday flight time has been changed to: Departs 09:00, arrives 09:15. From 01 November, the time changes to: Departs 18:15, arrives 18:30

Please note: All flights times between Maio and Praia change again at the end of October.

Flight times are subject to change and so should always be checked with the airline.

Maio Domestic Airport Live Arrivals and Departures

Binter cv

Binter canarias

How to get to Maio the same day

It is now possible to fly to Maio from Europe in one day. There is a daily morning flight from Lisbon to Praia with TAP. This lands in Praia in time for the afternoon flight to Maio on Mondays and Fridays. It is possible to arrive in Lisbon in time for that morning flight from many cities in Europe.

For the return trip, there will be some time between the Maio flight arriving in Praia and your departure from Praia. Consequently, we recommend spending some time in the Pestana Tropico Hotel in Praia, where there is a nice pool. They don’t mind people using their facilities if you buy some food and drinks. This is more pleasant than sitting at the airport.

We understand that travel to Maio Cape Verde is more difficult, however, the island will reveal its charm if you make the effort. Maio together with our house in Stella Maris are the perfect combination for that ‘get away from it all’ holiday. For more detailed travel information please visit Explore Cape Verde travel page


When you travel to Maio Cape Verde, the ferry can be booked by going to the office (Address below). Leaving Maio a ticket can be bought from the boat man on the jetty or from our house manager. The ticket price is approx 1500 CVE each way. Please note however: The frequency and timing of the ferry is subject to sea conditions. We don’t recommend it if you have international flights to catch the same day.

Praia 06:00 Maio 09:00
Maio 16:00 Praia 19:00

Praia 06:00 Maio 09:00
Maio 16:00 Praia 19:00

Praia 16:00 Maio 19:00
Maio 20:00 Praia 23:00

Praia 15:00 Maio 18:00
Maio 19:00 Praia 22:00

Ticket office:

Polar Lda, Rua Andrade Corvo nr 6, Plateau, Praia, Santiago, Cape Verde

Website – www.facebook.com

Ferries can now be booked online at www.resermar.cv however some routes are unavailable for online booking at this time

Live arrivals and departures from the capital Praia: www.marinetraffic.com



There is currently (as of April 2019) a temporary service run by www.cvfastferry.com which seems to be running on Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. It is not clear when normal service will be resumed.

Page last updated 12/04/19


Private Boat Transfer

It is now possible to arrange a private boat to travel between Praia and Maio. The boat can take up to 7 people and costs €550 (€1,100 for a roundtrip). The details of all passengers have to be provided in advance in order to satisfy the port authorities. A deposit of 50% is required at the time of booking, but contact us for more information. Travel is dependant upon sea conditions.