Ponta Preta Beach Maio Cape Verde

Travel to Maio Cape Verde

International Flights

In order to travel to Maio Cape Verde you will need to fly to Praia, the capital of Cape Verde. The flight from Praia to Maio takes just 15 minutes. There are international flights to Praia from a number of cities.

Please ensure that your passport still has at least six months to run after your travel dates. Depending on your country of residence you may need a tourist visa to enter Cape Verde. All visitors are now required to complete a visitor registration before arriving in Cape Verde. If you need a visa in addition, it will be added as part of the registration process. All guests are also required to pay Cape Verde tourist tax.

Special Notice: Cape Verde’s borders are now open. TAP are flying to Praia from Lisbon daily and Azores Airlines are now flying from Lisbon to Praia twice a week under the banner CV Connect Services. From mid-January TAP are showing two flights a day from Lisbon to Praia at weekends. Air Senegal is also flying into Praia from Dakar. Royal Air Maroc start flights from Casablanca to Praia on 30 January. We recommend you check with the individual airlines’ flight schedules, as things can change. Travellers to Cape Verde are required to have a negative Covid test (PCR) result in the previous 72 hours before boarding the plane. A Covid test is also required before travel between islands.

Domestic Flights

The final leg of your travel to Maio Cape Verde is the 15 min flight from Praia (the capital) with the local airline TICV (formerly Binter CV). Alternatively, there is a ferry service (see below). Please note the flights do not go every day. You can check the flight times and also book your flights on their website (links below) with Visa & MasterCard.  Currently the flights are as follows:

Special Notice: Internal flights within Cape Verde have started again. The route to Maio only has one flight a week until 29 March 2021. A Covid test is required before travel between islands.

Until the  29 March 2021:

Praia 12:45, arrives Maio 13:00
Maio 13:30, arrives Praia 13:45

From 29 March 2021

Departs Praia 16:05, arrives Maio 16:20

Departs Maio 16:45, arrives Praia 17:00

Departs Praia 11:50, arrives Maio 12:05

Departs Maio 12:30, arrives Praia 12:45

Departs Praia 17:30, arrives Maio 17:45

Departs Maio 18:15, arrives Praia 18:30

Flight times are subject to change and so should always be checked with the airline.


Maio is connected by ferry to Praia the capital city on the island of Santiago and also Boa Vista, Fogo, Brava, Sal, São Vicente and São Nicolau. Not all of these routes operate every day. Timetables  can be found and tickets purchase at CV Interilhas. The main ferry route to Maio is from Praia and it is also the shortest route.

Please note: The frequency and timing of ferries are subject to sea conditions. We don’t recommend it if you have international flights to catch the same day. We recommend that you always check with the ferry operator.

Live arrivals and departures from the capital Praia: www.marinetraffic.com

Special Notice: Ferries are operating. Unfortunately the ferry to Maio is suspended from 17 January. It is not clear for how long. A Covid test is required before travel between islands.

We will add a timetable for the main ferry route between Praia and Maio when the effects of Covid-19 have settled down. Currently times are subject to so change so please always check with the ferry operator.

Maio ferry links
Private Boat Transfer

It is now possible to arrange a private boat to travel between Praia and Maio. The boat can take up to 7 people and costs €550 (€1,100 for a roundtrip). The details of all passengers have to be provided in advance in order to satisfy the port authorities. A deposit of 50% is required at the time of booking, but contact us for more information. Travel is dependant upon sea conditions.