Flame Tree in Maio, Cape Verde

Movies of Maio

In order to give a flavour of the beauty and character of the island, we have gathered together some of the best movies of Maio, courtesy of Discover Cape Verde. These are not a substitute for experiencing everything that the island has to offer, but they will hopefully give you a taste of what to expect. We have also added the movie created by our guests Nigel and Vincent, following their visit to Cape Verde and Maio in particular. Maybe you will also get a flavour of other parts of the country too.

Why Cape Verde? (1.24mins)

Nigel and Vincent’s trip (5.20mins)

Maio – peace and tranquility (10.32mins)

The paintings of Nanette Scriba (5.16mins)

A description of the Cape Verde archipelago (2.38mins)

Singer Tibau Tavares from Maio (3.39mins)

Stella Maris, Maio (46secs)

Stella Maris, Maio – arrival (59secs)