New legislation on internal flights

The Ministry of Tourism and Transport has recently passed legislation that is intended to improve the reliability and regularity of the domestic flights within Cape Verde. It addresses the quality of the service provided, as well as punctuality and weekly frequency etc. As a result of this, the Council of Ministers can require minimum standards in the operation of domestic flights. This includes time-tabling, capacity and quality with a particular emphasis on the routes with fewer passengers and flights. It also appears that this now provides the Government with the power to licence more than one company to operate domestic flights if deemed necessary.

The Minister of Tourism and Transport, Carlos Santos announced in November 2022 that this legislation was being planned. There has been an issue of reliability for some time and some routes have very few flights, which cause difficulty for residents and businesses and for tourists wishing to island-hop. For example Praia (Santiago) to Maio with only two a week and Sal to Boa Vista with no direct flights. It is to be hoped that this new law will help to create reliable and frequent internal transportation. The flights are currently operated by BestFly Cabo Verde.

[25 Jan 2023]