Flight connections between Cape Verde and China?

china capital airlines

Cape Verde and China have been in discussions about the possibility of an air transport agreement between the two countries. If such an agreement is formulated it will allow both TACV and China’s Capital Airlines to fly between the two countries.

Luís Filipe Tavares, Foreign Affairs minister has stated that this agreement could be completed by the middle of 2018.

This latest potential agreement between the two counties is just one of several other areas of cooperation, such as defence and port security.

Binter CV offering cheap flights within Cape Verde

bintercv flight offer

If you are planning to travel within Cape Verde between 10 January and 31 March 2018, you may be able to book a flight for as little as 2000CVE (€18) plus taxes. Binter CV are offering this cheaper rate for this limited period; however, to take advantage of this offer this you need to book before 22 October. The Binter CV website is www.binter.cv

Binter CV cheap flights offer

binter plane

If you are travelling in Cape Verde between 16 June and 31 July this year, Binter CV are offering more than 8000 tickets for domestic flights for just 1000CVE (€10), fees not included. To take advantage of this offer you need to book your tickets between 2 and 8 May. Binter CV will be serving all the islands in the Cape Verde archipelago that have airports from 16 June. For more information:  www.binter.cv

Binter to start flights to Maio in June!

binter cv plane

Binter CV has now announced that it will commence flights to Maio and São Nicolau in June. This will mean that from the middle of June Binter CV will be flying to all the airports within Cape Verde. This is good news and it is hoped that the schedules will be published soon and that they will not fly on the same days as the existing TACV flights.

Is Maio next on Binter’s expansion plans?


Travel to Maio in a day

We understand that Binter CV have been in Maio taking promotional photographs. Does this mean that they are planning to add Maio to their domestic flights within Cape Verde? We certainly hope so, as this lovely island would benefit from more flights than at present. Watch this space.

Flying to Maio now cheaper!

Maio beach

The fare from Praia to Maio has been reduced, which is excellent news for both residents and visitors. The 15 minute flight is now available from as little as €32 one way. This coupled with the ability to now fly from most of Europe to Maio in one day on a Friday is making Maio an even more attractive destination. To fly to Maio in one day from cities in Europe, visitors need to be able to connect with the 09:30 Friday TAP flight from Lisbon to Praia, which arrives in Praia at around midday. The TACV flight to Maio leaves at 15:00. These times are subject to change, so should be checked with the two airlines concerned.

Extra flights between Praia and Maio in the New Year

TACV Plane

TACV, the Cape Verdean airline is now advertising Wednesday flights between Praia and Maio starting on 11 January. This will be a very welcome addition to the flight schedules, as currently there are only flights on this route on Mondays and Fridays, which limits the possibilities for visitors and residents.

Travel from Europe to Maio in a day!

Maio Main Beach Sunset

A change in flight schedules means that it is now possible to travel from Europe to Maio in a day, with no need for an overnight stay in Praia. For example, there is a TAP flight at 06:00 from London Heathrow, arriving in Lisbon at 08:35. Then there is a TAP flight from Lisbon to Praia, leaving at 09:30 and arriving at 12:50. The TACV flight from Praia leaves at 15:00, arriving in Maio at 15:20. This also applies to all other European cities serviced by TAP.

Good news – boat back in Maio!

Sotovento Boat

After several months undergoing maintenance we understand that the ‘MS Sotavento’ is back serving the island of Maio. The inhabitants of Maio have been concerned over their relative isolation while the boat was out of action, as they rely on it for supplies. It is also good news for people that prefer the boat to flying. The newly maintained boat now has a different colour scheme, being white not blue!