Ecology on the agenda in Maio meetings

There is currently a Cape Verdean Parliamentary Delegation visiting the island of Maio for three days of meetings and visits. A number of subjects will be covered including ecology. The delegation will also be entertained with musical events on both Monday and Tuesday evenings. The entertainment being provided by local bands and also Tibau Tavares.

On Wednesday there will be a meeting looking at matters of ecology within Cape Verde. This meeting will consider issues surrounding water and agriculture together with other environmental issues. This could be an important initiative in a country that already has grand plans in terms of green energy. If Cape Verde can address other issues such as recycling and dealing with waste, it would be a good move.

Economic growth in Cape Verde

Cape Verde Economic Growth

Three of the smallest African countries – Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau and São Tomé & Príncipe – are on target to witness growth in their economies in 2018 that well exceeds the average for sub-Saharan Africa. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has published these findings.

Of these three countries São Tomé & Príncipe is expected to see an increase to about 5%. Guinea Bissau is expected to match the same growth as last year, namely 5.5%. Cape Verde is looking at 4.3% this year, although it may slow down slightly next year.

The common language of Portuguese connects these three small countries.

Of the other Portuguese speaking African countries, Angola is likely to show the lowest growth of only 2.2%. Overall the World Bank considers that the recovery in sub-Saharan Africa is too slow. So it is good to learn that amongst the best achievers is Cape Verde.

Cape Verde residency permits

Residency permits for foreign nationals

The parliament in Cape Verde has passed a act of parliament that will enable the granting of permanent residency permits to foreign owners of homes in the country. These permits will mean that owners will be given priority at the offices of the Foreign and Borders Service. Such priorities will also include a spouse and children aged under 14.

These Residency Permits will apply to properties costing over €80,000 in towns where the Gross Domestic Product is below the national average. In towns where the GDP is higher than the national average, it will apply to properties costing over €120,000.

The same bill also gives some exemptions from the Single Property Tax on the relevant properties. Retired people living in Cape Verde, but with income from elsewhere, will also receive some tax exemptions.

China Capital Airlines

Flight connections between Cape Verde and China?

Cape Verde and China have been in discussions about the possibility of an air transport agreement between the two countries. If such an agreement is formulated it will allow both TACV and China’s Capital Airlines to fly between the two countries.

Luís Filipe Tavares, Foreign Affairs minister has stated that this agreement could be completed by the middle of 2018.

This latest potential agreement between the two counties is just one of several other areas of cooperation, such as defence and port security.