Boy with umbrella, Maio, Cape Verde

Tenders have recently been invited for some urban development work in Porto Inglês (Vila do Maio) on the island of Maio. The project is to provide new recreational facilities, including a fitness park, cycle paths, green spaces and a playground for children. The proposals will also include some flood control works.

The site of the work is understood to be the Ribeira de Fontona, close to the Enecol petrol station on the road to the airport, at the west side of the town. The area of the site is some 8000m2. It is hoped that the results of the tender will be known in about two months and it is anticipate that construction will then take about one year.

This will improve this end of the town. It will also hopefully improve the approach to the town from the airport and make for a better link between the houses in Salinas and the town centre.